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Apply to be a Vendor in 2022

Please answer each question in the application below.   In order for your application to be considered, you must email photographs of work and a JPEG or PNG of your logo to after submitting this form.  Please use the subject:  Business Name, Panel Selection Photographs.  By submitting this form you agree to abide by all fixed regulations as listed below in the Vendor Agreement.  Submitting an application does not guarantee a spot at the Timberville Christmas Village.  Artisans and food vendors who are accepted will be notified and asked to pay the artisan fee to secure their space. 


*Only electronic submissions will be accepted. 

**Please note that the Timberville Christmas Village is not affiliated with the Town of Timberville, questions on the application or payment process should be directed toward

General Information

Business Name 

Full Name



Website and Social Media Profiles

Variable Criteria

The Following Answers may have an impact on the final selections but will not necessarily disqualify applicants

Are any of your goods resale goods? (purchase wholesale and resell with no value added process) ​

a.)  If so are they agriculture or food product local to Virginia?

b.)  If so what % or your goods are resale goods?

Is your work original handcrafted work performed in Virginia

a.)  If not is it performed in Appalachia?

Do any or all your goods use local Virginia or Appalachian material?

a.)  If so what materials?

How much space do you require?

a.) Minimum square foot needed

b.) Maximum square foot needed

c.) Do you require electricity or other special considerations? If so, please include details.

Are you able to have your vendor space open during all hours of Village Operations?  If not, when would you be unable to be open?  Do you intend to be open each weekend, a single weekend, or a single day? 

Fixed Criteria

1.)  No commercial goods may be sold.  This includes, but is not limited to: CDs, Tapes, Clothing that does not represent the original work of the Vendor, MLM or distributors of any kind, home/wall decor that is not the original work of the vendor.

2.)  No indecent or obscene work.  The jury may reject work that they deem by their discretion, in poor taste, racist, politically demeaning, discriminatory, or in any way not family friendly.

3.)  No vendor will be considered whose work and craft is not performed in Virginia or greater Appalachia.  

4.) No vendor is permitted whose work is produced from art kits.

Thanks for submitting!

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