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Fulks Run Grocery, built in 1949 by Garnett and Lena Turner, is the Home of Turner Hams. As a family-owned and operated business in the Shenandoah Valley, they’ve been curing Country Hams in the traditional manner for over 50 years. 


Using Great Grandfather Webster Turner’s recipe and the finest ingredients, they've created a product that has become a favorite at picnics, holidays, and family gatherings. While ham is the focus at Fulks Run Grocery, they are more than just the ham store. They carry a full line of jams, jellies, honey, syrups, and handmade wooden utensils. They also have the largest collection of Polish Pottery in the Valley.  Strolling through their aisles, you’ll think you’ve walked back into your grandmother's kitchen. 


The Turners look forward to serving you at the Timberville Christmas Village. Enjoy a ham sandwich while you shop and take some home for your holiday celebrations. 

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