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Dec. 14th Only 

Rumalution’s mission is to bring joy, happiness, and lots of smile to each, and everyone who experiences their rum cakes. They are dedicated to providing consistency, great flavor, and constant gratitude for your friendship! RUMALUTIONS the revolution of Rum Cakes! Damean Adams, like many other people, loves rum cake, but for years all he had was the original, and then it started to get boring. A Change was needed, and so it began!

From one original recipe from his sister he went to work on making it better. He wanted a cake that had more flavor, not too strong, but just the right balance. He uses the finest rum and ensures the cakes are moist, but not too moist one can’t feel the texture of the cake

Each flavor of the rum cake come with its own unique experience, energy, and emotion filled in every bite. A Quote by a loyal friend Rumalutions said, "They just make you happy, and ready to dance!” Life should be about bringing joy, and love to the lives of other people, and in return it will come back to you, and maybe a little bit of Rumalutions rum cake to help you along.

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