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It's All Wood

Dec. 21st Only 

Long ago, on a dark and stormy night, a man sat by a fire and looked closely at the piece of wood he was about to throw into the flames. But... that has nothing to do with Matthew Kinman. He just like wood and the possibilities that exist in what others might just see as firewood. Matthew bought a small, bench-top lathe taught himself the process of woodturning. He watched hours and hours of YouTube videos where guys took a block of wood and turned it (literally) into a beautiful bowl, or goblet, or wand, or platter. Matthew then put his first block of wood on the lathe and created... a clunky thing that vaguely resembled a bowl. But it was HIS bowl! A year and about 100 bowls and various round things later, he has started to sell some of his work ... Matthew likes to be creative with each piece and let the wood tell him what it wants to be. Well, not exactly always, some pieces of wood that he buys at Lowe’s or Home Depot he"turns" into snowmen. People REALLY like snowmen.

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