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Ford's Wintergreens

We endeavor to bring you only the freshest of live collected greens. We collect all our greens locally to insure freshness. 

All greens will dry out with increasing age, most keep a semblance of green color for a time. Maintaining freshness is a matter of temperature (cooler is better)and humidity (higher is better). Exposure to direct sun will hasten drying. Direct sun through glass (such as a storm door) will usually cause almost immediate browning. We feel your Christmas Greenery should be green on Christmas. We supply fresh greens, considering the above factors will help keep your fresh greens fresh. We often have customers tell us that their decor often looks fresh well into February and sometimes into March in outdoor sheltered locations. We like to hang our wreaths on the outside wall, under the eave next to our doors. 

Cut greens such as garland and wreaths used indoors should only be brought in for a short time and misted frequently. We suggest being prepared to put them up and take them down for each planned event and storing them in a protected outdoor location in between uses. Dry indoor heat is the enemy. Greens in centerpieces, arrangements, Christmas trees and kissing balls made with wet florist foam will last a long time as long as the foam is kept wet. Fill containers every couple days. Likewise run water over kissing balls and trees in the sink every couple of days.

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