How Our Story Began

During the hot summer months of 2018, three local citizens got together and came up with a plan to showcase the talent represented in the community.  The hope was to create an event that could be a long-standing tradition, not just for the residents, but for anyone with Christmas spirit.  


The concept of the Timberville Christmas Village was born.    The team has been working hard to invite local artisans who create beautiful works of art, delicious foods, and gifts for the magical Christmas season.   Beyond the typical Christmas spirit, the hope is to strengthen community bonds, revitalize the town, and showcase all the Valley has to offer to tourist and longtime residents alike.  


Join us each weekend to get to know the artisans, sample the foods, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.  Whether you are a tourist, or just want to tour your own town the Timberville Christmas Village will have something for everyone.  

Meet Our Team

Natalie Sherlock

Timberville Resident 


Christmas Enthusiast

Ned Overton

Timberville Resident 


Networking Professional 

Shea Alexander

Timberville Resident


Master Planner

Timberville Christmas Village Host By: 

Visit for the Village, Stay for the Town.

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November 29- December 22, 2019                                               325 American Legion Drive

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