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Bobbie's Barn features unique rustic, vintage, industrial, and repurposed lighting. These lamps are made from found objects, old and new.  Bobbie Wilinski loves old tools. For many years, she’s collected them and incorporated them into her home décor. When she saw the potential for making unusual and interesting lamps with a few of her pieces, she reached out to friends. An electrician and metal worker taught her the basics and she continues to learn new lamp making skills every day.


Bobbie loves the challenge of creating something functional by repurposing found objects.  Her lamps include tools, kitchens utensils, farm implements, bed springs, animal traps, silver teapots, minnow buckets, and many strange and wonderful objects.  She also enjoys bespoke work–turning a family piece that might sit unused into a decorative or useful piece for a home or cabin.


Bobbie looks forward to meeting you at the Timberville Christmas Village. Come prepared to add one of her creative works to your home décor.  

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